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Vacation Grocer - what are you getting?

Added: Aug 30, 2016
Category: Topic of the week

The vacation grocer is a family run expanding company established in 2005. They are an easy and convenient way to have food delivered to your vacation home for a reasonable price. With features such as pre arrival packs and easily rescheduled delivery – they take away the stress of grocery shopping on your holiday.

Pre-arrival delivery is fantastic if you are landing late into Orlando and don’t want to be in the local supermarket at 11pm. You can have fresh groceries already in your home when you walk through the door. Planning on eating out? Don’t worry you can just get an overnight pack with some snacking essentials, or treat yourself to a continental breakfast pack for everything you will need the morning after

Gluten free, organic, and vegetarian options are all available so they can satisfy a wide range of palettes. Additionally, if you think of something you might want and you can't find it on their website, give them a call! They want to keep up to date with your appetite.

All orders are processed through Paypal so you know your money is safe. And only $12.99 delivery! To visit their store, and to get special discounts using the promo code UTO, click here.

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